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kerry arrived in the capital of kiev yesterday for a meeting. the u.s. has slammed russia, accusing it of invading and occupying ukraine and is preparing economic sanctions. >> we are examining a whole , economic,teps diplomatic, that will isolate russia. >> so far, threats of isolation have done nothing to deter putin as his forces continue to take control here in crimea. ukrainian places in crimea are holding out so far but putin could change things very quickly carried -- quickly. >> the first witness in the pistorius murder trial broke down today in cross-examination. his neighbor was overcome by emotion after two days of testimony. earlier in the day, the judge ordered an investigation into allegations that a tv station broadcast a picture of that woman. >> i am warning the media come if you do not behave, you are not going to be treated with soft gloves by this court. is on trial for killing his girlfriend on valentine's day last year. the olympic runner claims he thought he was firing at an intruder. educators say the couple that into a fight the night of the shooting. banks
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1